How study tables provide a good work-life balance while working from home?

With hybrid working becoming the new normal, it is essential to have a dedicated workstation at home. A steadfast home workstation encourages you to be more disciplined with your work time and thus boosts productivity. In addition, an aesthetically pleasing setup can complement your decor and energise the space.

A desk or study table provides the apt work surface and is probably the most important piece of furniture you would want for your home workstation. Here’s how study tables or desks can offer a healthy work-life balance:

Enhance productivity & improve posture

The lack of a proper work setup can hamper productivity and impact your health and work life. For example, working on the computer lying down or even at the dining table (resulting in a poor line of vision and visual ergonomics) often leads to bad posture, blurred vision, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, and neck and back strain. On the other hand, a thoughtfully designed work desk or study table, such as the Stello by Wriver, helps improve productivity and posture.

Additionally, a segregated workspace helps to strike the right work-life balance. If your profession demands long hours and weekend work, having a work-from-home setup enables you to be flexible, take time off or work long hours if needed.

Offer storage

Desks come with drawers, cabinets and other storage options, which makes it easier to organise stationary. They also offer ample surface area to do your work comfortably. If you want to make the most of the limited space, consider installing a shelving unit behind your desk so books and supplies can be easily reachable. An option is to layer the space with a wall-hanging rack with different-shaped pockets to keep most of your stationery off the desk.

Better organisation

A well-organised, aesthetically appealing desk can induce a good mood, improve work speed, and impact overall work quality. Having a clean and organised desk helps one think more clearly and brings a positive vibe. Contrarily, cluttered and unorganised work areas can be uninspiring and demotivating.

Don’t forget the chair

A good desk alone cannot enhance functionality and productivity (unless you have a standing one). Instead, invest in a chair based on the time you spend at the workstation. For example, if you spend long hours at a stretch, an ergonomically designed chair is recommended to prevent any health issues, such as back problems. Your chair should have a proper adjustable seat height, lumbar support, reclining back and armrest.

Working successfully from home doesn’t necessarily require you to carve out an entirely separate office space. However, a work desk and chair can help to tackle your hustle and be productive and creative during your billable hours.

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