Furniture pieces for a living room makeover

Luxury today has many meanings, and each meaning is subjective. As far as home decor goes, luxury, among many other attributes, is often about incorporating quality furniture pieces that resonate with your design sensibility, look stunning, and offer comfort. However, as furniture designers, more goes into making furniture pieces aesthetic and comfortable. Here, the devil lies in the details like the quality and type of materials used, their colours and textures, the intricate ornamentation and the imperative ergonomics. These aspects collectively play a pivotal role in curating a luxurious space. 

How can we achieve that? No matter the aesthetic and vibe of the space, there are general ground rules that remain unchanged. Therefore, as designers and homeowners invent and reinvent their individual definitions of luxury, we bring to you lifestyle furniture recommendations that are sure to make your spaces opulent in a balanced and understated way. 

The living space is usually where you spend most of your waking hours at home, making it crucial for the furniture pieces to be timeless and comfortable. However, as per top furniture brands in India, contemporary furniture with a minimalist design and a detail-oriented approach is likely to always hold its appeal.

1. Sofa
The most essential and used piece of furniture is a sofa. While the shape of the couch depends a lot on the spatial planning and furniture layout, this piece of furniture can demarcate spaces by itself. First, however, it is vital to opt for a timeless design which can be achieved by choosing simple and neutral pieces in whites, greys and blacks. The oomph can be added by streaks of metal featured in the handles and legs. Contrastingly, the fabric and cushioning in a sofa can exhibit a unique dynamic through design and textural variation in a monochromatic upholstery, offering understated elegance.


2. Chair
A pair of inviting chairs usually accompany sofas. These can be statement armchairs or lounge chairs, depending on space availability and planning. Since they are relatively smaller pieces, these chairs make a statement of their own either through sinuous forms or a contrasting colour combination, like a refreshing teal or a classic black. If you are going for a sofa with metallic elements, the chair could have them too for a cohesive aesthetic.

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copy.jpg Brass Antique Light, Leather

3. Tables
Living spaces are incomplete without a modern coffee table and, if space permits, a side table or two. Keeping the aesthetic intact, the table can be a statement-making piece with a distinctive design. Of course, the top has to be flat to make it functionally sound; however, a lot remains to be explored in the overall form of the tables. Depending on whether you intend to curate a bold or a minimalistic space, the centre table’s stem can have an eye-catching design, or it can be a sleek piece with an elegant metal inlay in the body.

copy.jpg Brass antique dark, Fumed oak matt

The design of the side tables can be in sync with other furniture elements and exhibit clear details in aspects like the joints where the stem meets the top. They could be conspicuous through a play in opacity with materials like glass or other intricate details like grooves in sturdy pieces made in stone or finished with classic veneer.

4. Shelving units & Bar cabinets
Layer your living with luxury furniture like cabinets and bar units that exhibit your personality and fondness for the finer things in life. With a sleek metal framework and minimalist shelves finished in veneer, an elegant shelving unit can flaunt collectables gathered through travel, books and memorabilia. Add a bar cabinet in a complementing veneer and metal accents with plenty of storage to house your enviable liquor collection in style.

Onda bar cabinet.

5. Daybed
If space permits, add a cosy daybed in a classy leather upholstery fitted on a sleek veneer-finished body supported on metallic legs and a cushion for added comfort. Place it by the window to lounge in style while you enjoy the weather with a book and a cup of coffee. 


In all spaces, curating the right furniture is the key to making a luxurious statement driven by comfort and style. It is all about timeless designs, quality materials and well-thought details that are sure to narrate your unique energy.

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