Wriver is a luxury furniture brand that synergises rare craftsmanship and material innovation with comprehensive savoir-faire to deliver high-quality and unmatched designs for bespoke interiors


Sable Collection
The Sable collection offers a world of distinct furniture designs that are carefully crafted to exhibit soft curves and fine techniques.
Primo Collection
The Primo collection consists of earthy material palette products, along with raw and rustic surface finishes that add drama to the contemporary habitat.
Oris Collection
The Oris collection feature innovation in distinct materials like metal and lacquer that merge seamlessly in the junctions, a testament to the brand’s detail-oriented approach.
Nuolo Collection
With diversity & boundlessness at its core, NUOLO is NineO1's first foray into unexplored dimensions. The high-on-fluidity collection is a deep dive into all things playful, whimsical, and non-conformist. The coming together of diverse materials, forms, and structures results in a line of furniture that seamlessly stitches together fine art and design, uniting each of their complexities.
MuseVERSE Collection
MuseVERSE is an enchanting and diverse furniture collection that skillfully blends traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design. Every piece of furniture within this collection is not only designed to be a striking accent on its own but also harmoniously complements the ensemble. Drawing inspiration from our MuseTRIBE, our captivating channapatna toys, the products exude a playful and enjoyable essence.
Ignis Collection
Ignis is a collection born out of experimentation with textures, forms and materials. Cast metal and white alabaster with brown veins are prominent materials featured in this collection. Pieces from this collection are sure to bring warmth and flamboyance to the spaces they're kept in.
Fium Collection
The Fium collection features lush, rounded forms fused with sleek lines distinctly visualised in an array of floor-mounted pieces like console units, sofas etc.
Eterno Collection
The Eterno collection embodies the brand's prowess and reliance, conveyed through the series of well-thought and detailed functional products.
Arte Collection
ARTE tells the story of contemporary design through its high-concept and trend-setting accent show pieces.

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