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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy (“Policy“”) forms an integral part of Our Terms of Use (“Terms“”). You  must read, understand and agree to, and be bound by, this Policy. You must not access  the Platform (as defined in the Terms) or Information (that is, the information provided in  the Terms), in any manner, in case You do not expressly accept this Policy in its entirety.

This Policy explains how ‘Praeparo International Private Limited’ a company  incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013, and/or its affiliates (hereinafter referred to  as “We” or “Us” or “Our” or “Company“”) collects, protects, uses and discloses the Personal  Information (as defined hereinafter) and Sensitive Personal Information (as defined  hereinafter), obtained explicitly through the Platform, or collected from You through Your  direct submission or disclosure while accessing the Platform or Information, and also other information collected automatically without direct submission by You as a user of  Platform (hereinafter referred to as “You“”, “Your“”, “User“”). This Policy governs all the  Information and content, either as a subscription offering or otherwise, We offer directly  or indirectly through the Platform.

By accessing the Platform, You agree to this Policy with respect to the collection,  processing,and use of Your data or information, including Personal Information (as defined  hereinafter)and Sensitive Personal Information (as defined hereinafter), by Us. Please do not provide consent towards acceptance of cookies and privacy acceptance at the banner that  appears when You first visit the Platform, or access the Platform, or register on the  Platform, if You do not wish to share the mandatory personal information and gathered  upon Your access to the Platform or requested at the time of Registration (as defined in the  Terms), or if You do not want Us to collect certain data or information automatically when  You access the Platform. You may note that Registration may not be proceeded with until  information requested in the non-optional fields is provided.

  1. Collection of InformationWe collect certain information from and about its users directly from the user, and  amongst other means, from server cookies and other data files.To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the correct use of  information, We put in place appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures  to safeguard and secure the information collected online.In order to allow access and to gain authorized access to the contents on the Platform, We may obtain certain information from the user, such as contact information (full name,  address), telephone number, e-mail address, and others through the process of  Registration.1.1 “Personal Information” is information that relates to a user and which, either directly  or indirectly, in combination with other information available or likely to be available  with the Company, is capable of identifying such person.Any of the following data may be collected as Personal Information by the Company:
    • Name;
    • Date of birth;
    • Telephone number;
    • Email address;
    • Postal/Contact address;
    • The date and the time of Your accessing the Platform;
    • Any communication, in any manner, between You and Us.
    • Any other information that is defined as “personal information” in law.

    1.2 “Sensitive Personal Information” shall include account passwords, and any other  information that is defined as “Sensitive personal data or information” in law;

    1.3 Additionally, the following information may be automatically collected, when You visit  and use the Platform:

    • The type of device and hardware You use;
    • Your IP address;
    • Your browser type;
    • Type of Your computer and mobile systems and its language;
    • Information about Your use of the Platform (when, how, how long, account used  to log in, features used while logged in or otherwise; status and quantum of devices;  operation mode; and others);
    • installations / smart devices (software/firmware versions of gateway & devices);
    • first activation date;
    • clicks;
    • GPS and/or WIFI Position;
    • Your used language etc.

    The information We collect helps Us administer the Platform, analyze its usage,  protect the Platform and its content from inappropriate use, and improve the user  experience.

  2. Cookie Policy2.1 What are Cookies?A ‘cookie’ is a small piece of data sent to a user’s computer (through a web-browser) by a web-server (website) to store certain information about a user when a website is  accessed by such user. Such a cookie may contain information about a user’s visit to  the website, including information which a user may have contributed voluntarily to  the website. Our Platform may store and use ‘cookies’ to collect and receive certain  information. Cookies are used for User administration, research and development,  technical administration of Platform, and also to track and administer traffic on the  Platform. Our Platform may collect and use the data contained in the cookies. The  information in the cookies help provide additional functionality to the Platform, such  as a cookies might help in remembering your login credentials and obviates the need  to re-enter again every time you access the Platform. The cookies may help inevaluating browsing habits and usage behavior, areas of the Platform that are visited.  We routinely use such information in the aggregate in order to administer and  improve the Platform and ensure security, and for other purposes as may be specified  hereof.Cookies are sent to a user’s web browser from a web server by way of small amounts  of data that is eventually stored on a user’s device. A user has the option to disable  the cookies through the appropriate functioning of its browsers. Cookies are classified based on functionality, each of such classifications of cookies has its function.The cookies used by Us on the Platform can either be of the two types:
    1. First-Party Cookies – These are the cookies that are sent and set directly by the  Platform You are visiting, and often associated directly with the functioning of the  Platform and its features.
    2. Third-Party Cookies – These are the cookies that are sent and set by the domains  other than the Platform You are visiting, and are often targeted for specific  purposes such as visitor analytics and others.

    The Cookies used by Us are more specifically categorized based on functionality, each  of such category of cookies is enlisted hereinbelow and has its specified function:

    2.2 Types of Cookies Used

    1. Strictly Necessary Cookies : These cookies are necessary for You to visit the  Platform and access all its features. These cookies are essential for the  functioning of the Platform. In the event, You decide to block such cookies,  You may not be able to access all or any parts of the Platform. You can use  your browser to block, or alert you about, such cookies. Such cookies do not  store any personal identifiable information. These are the First-Party Cookies  and are directly attributed to Us. The Strictly Necessary Cookies used by Our  Platform are:
    2. Functionality Cookies : These cookies enhance functionality of the Platform by  bringing personalization and remembering Your previous choices and  selections on the Platform, such as remembering Your login credentials so  that You might not need to enter the same everytime You visit the Platform. These can either be First-Party or Third-Party cookies. The Functionality Cookies used by Our Platform are:
    3. Performance Cookies: These cookies allows us to count visits on the Platform,  and also to measure the traffic sources. The cookies enables us to improve  the performance of the Platform by gathering the usage analytics, including evaluating the most popular and least popular pages. The information collected by the cookies does not contain any personal identifiable information, and is aggregated and anonymous. These can either be First Party or Third-Party cookies. The Performance Cookies used by Our Platform are:

    2.3 Your ChoicesYou have the right to control and manage the cookies on your device. You have the  right to control the cookies in either or both of the following manner:

    1. Cookie Settings: The Cookie Settings option may be accessed be either through  the banner that appears when you first visit the Platform, or by accessing the same  at the footer of any webpage. The Cookie Settings allows you to see the cookies  generated under each of the categories mentioned above. You have the right to  enable or disable any of the cookie categories by making a relevant selection within  the Cookie Settings. It may be noted that disabling a cookie category may have a  corresponding effect on the functionality and performance of the Platform, and  resultingly, You may not be able to access certain features or information on the  Platform.
    2. Web browser: Most web browsers allow you to see the cookies stored in your  device. You have the option to delete all or any of them. Additionally, based on  your web browser, You might have the option to block cookies from a specific  website, or to block third-party cookies, deleting all cookies upon closing your web  browser, and others. Each web browser has different functionality in this regard; therefore, it is advised to check the relevant user guide. Also, it is recommended  to always use the latest version of the web browser.
  3. How and why do We use Your personal informationWe use Your information (including Personal Information and Sensitive Personal  Information) for the following purposes:
    • To enable You to access the Platform and Information;
    • To personalize Your experience on the Platform;
    • To provide, maintain and improve the Platform;
    • To inform You about new versions or features of the Platform;
    • For authentication and protection against identity fraud and identity theft;
    • To monitor and analyze trends, usage and activities in connection with the Platform;
    • To send You emails related to Your use of the Platform in general, including alerts, and  also to send other communications and response;
    • To send You technical notices, updates, security alerts and support and administrative  messages;
    • For research and analytics;
    • For enforcing the Terms;
    • For other purposes as We may notify You from time to time;
    • Any other permitted use.
  4. Information SharingWe may share Your personal information (including Personal Information and Sensitive  Personal Information) collected for the following purposes:
    • Legal Purposes: We may share Your information to the law enforcement and other  government agencies, courts and other bodies on their legal requests to comply with the  law and aid to the ongoing and impending legal proceedings. We may also use Your information when it is necessary to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding possible  illegal activities or to comply with legal process or to comply with any law in force or to  address threats to the physical safety of any person or to safeguard Our rights and the  rights of users, or the public at large;
    • to enforce its Terms and this Privacy Policy;
    • for prevention of fraud;
    • for issues involving information security, or to protect Your rights, or rights of Company,  or rights of the general public.
    • to comply with the applicable laws and legal requirement.

    Additionally, We may share Your information collected on the Platform with: i. Our employees, agents, and professional advisors working with Us for the purposes  described in this Privacy Policy; and

    1. Our associated service-providers that provide us services pertaining to protecting and  securing Our systems, and provide Us other services requiring the processing of  information and data collected so as to host your information or data for proper  functioning of the Platform.

    Unless other specified hereof, none of Your information collected on the Platform is  shared with other third parties, except upon Your request or express authorization, or  where we need to maintain security of the Platform.

  5. Aggregate InformationWe may collect statistical information about how both unregistered and registered users,  collectively, use the Platform (“Aggregate Information”). Some of this information may be  derived from analysis of Personal Information, and others through cookies. This statistical  information is not Personal Information and cannot be tied back to You, Your account.
  6. ConsentAll users of Our Platform must consent to the use of their information collected by Us for  the purposes stated in this Policy. We restrict access to such information and only allow  access to those who need to know such information in order to provide You access to the  Platform.Users are entitled to withdraw consent to the use of their information by emailing a  specific request to Us. Withdrawal of consent to use all or any part of information may  result in the immediate withdrawal of any rights provided to the User, including access to the Platform and Information provided by Us. Withdrawal of consent by users shall not  restrict the right of Use to use personal data for the analysis of user data.Consent to email communicationWhen You register Your email address with Us, either through Registration or otherwise,  You agree to receive email communication from Us, entities specifically authorized by Us,  and other users.
  7. Data SecurityWe take appropriate security measures to protect user data from unauthorized access and  its unauthorized alteration, disclosure, or destruction. These measures include internal  reviews of Our data collection, storage, and processing practices, and security measures,  including appropriate encryption and physical security measures to guard against  unauthorized access to systems where We store users’ personal information. We have a  comprehensive information security program and information security policies that  contain managerial, technical, operational, and physical security control measures  adopted by Us for the protection of information collected. Information gathered by Us is stored securely using several information security  applications. However, security is always relative and We cannot guarantee that the security measures are absolute and cannot be breached. Data transmitted over the  internet is inherently exposed to security risks or threats. Therefore, We cannot guarantee  any security for such information in the course of transmission through the internet  infrastructure or any unsolicited disclosures made by any user on the Platform. If you  suspect any misuse or loss or unauthorised access to your data or information, please let  us know immediately by contacting us via e-mail at or on 1800 309 9994.When You register with Us, Your account is protected through login information, including  a username and a password, which is known only to You. Therefore, You should not  provide Your login and other Personal Information to anyone whosoever. Any breach  thereof shall constitute a violation of this Policy and may result in closure of Your account  in certain cases. If You become aware of or reasonably suspect any breach of security,  including compromise of Your login information, it is Your responsibility to notify Us  immediately. We have a policy of not sharing any personally identifiable information with anyone other  than the entities specifically authorized by Us. We conduct periodic analysis and survey of  the traffic to the Platform for research purposes. We may also use cumulative non personal information for auditing and analysis purposes to improve the Platform. The information and data collected and processed on the Platform in accordance with this  Policy is hosted on servers located in India. We take steps to ensure that such information  or data We collect is processed in accordance with this Policy and applicable laws.
  8. Your RightsYou have the right to request a copy of Your information or data that We hold at any point  in time. Upon Your request, We shall provide the same to You in a structured format. You  shall also have the right to request for correction or deletion of any information or data.  You have the right to ask Us towards restricting or limiting the way We use Your  information or data. You may at any time withdraw Your consent to Us from processing  Your information or data, however, any such withdrawal will not affect any information or  data that has already been processed. We may not adhere to any of Your request towards  the aforementioned correction, deletion, restriction or limitation where We are required  to comply with any applicable law or legal requirement.
  9. Changes to this PolicyBy accessing the Platform, the User consents to the collection and use of the previously  mentioned information on the Platform. We may periodically change this Policy without  notice, and the User is responsible for checking the policy periodically for revisions. All  amended terms become effective upon Our posting to the Platform, and any use of the  Platform after such revisions have been posted signifies the consent of the User to the  changes.
  10. Data retention and account deletionWe retain Your information and data for as long as necessary to provide You the access to, and use of, the Platform. Such information and data shall also be retained for other  essential purposes such as complying with applicable laws, and other legal requirement,  and also in cases of resolving disputes (if any). Accordingly, the actual retention period may  vary significantly for different information/data types and purposes. Even if We delete Your data or information, it may persist on backup or archival media for  audit, legal, tax or regulatory purposes. Without prejudice to the foregoing, You have the option to terminate Your account,  wherever applicable, by visiting the relevant section on the Platform. We will, upon Your  request, remove all of Your public information and posts, if any, on such termination and  shall dissociate them from Your account so that it is seen anonymous and not attributed  to Your identity. However, We may retain certain information about You for the purposes  authorized under this Policy and Terms of Use unless prohibited by law. The information  is retained to prevent, investigate, or identify possible wrongdoing in connection with the  Platform or to comply with legal obligations.
  11. Third-party LinksThe Platform may provide web-links to any other website(s), where We do not have any  control and shall not be responsible towards the content and conduct of such other  website(s). You are advised to use the privacy statement and terms of such other website(s)  before visiting.
  12. imitation of LiabilityWe confirm that this Privacy Policy is only a description of its operation regarding user  information. This Privacy Policy is not intended to create any legal rights in Your favor or  in favor of any other person. Subject to other provisions in this Policy, the liability of  Company shall be limited to the removal of information from the system of the Platform and the removal of other personally identifiable elements. Notwithstanding anything to  the contrary contained in this Policy and elsewhere, the aggregate liability of Company for  all claims for damages under the provisions on the Platform, including claims concerning the violation of this Policy, shall be governed by the provisions under the Terms. Your  continued use of the Platform constitutes Your agreement to this Privacy Policy and any  amendments thereof.
  13. Applicable LawsThis Privacy Policy and collection and processing of any data shall at all times be governed  by the applicable data privacy and protection laws of India as may apply to the Company in the jurisdictions from where Platform is offered. The provisions with respect to  governing law and dispute resolution as prescribed in the Terms shall apply mutatis mutandis to this Privacy Policy.
  14. Grievance OfficerAll communications relating to personal data may be sent to the Company at or on 1800 309 9994.


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