Choosing the right type of dining table for your homes

The dining area is the nucleus of any home where family members come together, partaking in the essential ritual of sharing food and memorable conversations. Modern dining tables also serve as a spot for social interactions and entertainment.

Wondering which type will work the best for your home? We’ve put together three of the most popular dining table styles that can become the heart of any party or intimate gathering:

1. Cosy rounds

Take the circular route for intimate gatherings with round dining tables. Since there’s no ‘head of the table’ and everyone’s facing each other, round tables facilitate easier conversation. Sans sharp edges or corners, these tables are great for families with kids and seniors. Plus, round dining tables have a smaller footprint than rectangular or square-shaped tables.

Take the example of the clean and contemporary Diviso Dining Table, which is just right for smaller get-togethers. It features a solid wood base and has a split top, which is visually bridged and highlighted by a metal strip to elevate the decor.


2. Timeless rectangular

Rectangular is a go-to shape for most people and can oscillate between traditional and modern designs. It is also readily available in furniture stores. The rectangular shape is just right for hosting large gatherings and can fit more people within a limited range by adding bench seating. It’s also easier to lay a buffet on rectangular tables and let conversations flow around it.

The Marmo Rectangle Dining Table brings luxury with the dual material palette, marble and antique brass metal. A distinctive feature is that a top seems to float over base pillars using dexterous engineering techniques.


3. Curvy ovals

An oval dining table merges the linear simplicity of rectangular tops with the cosiness of a round one. It occupies less space and provides a sense of visual amplitude. As a result, the oval dining table is more suited for medium to larger rooms. The lack of sharp edges softens the ambience and offers a contemporary aura to the interiors.

One can pick an oval table with rounded pedestals like the Gravis Dining Table, which offers more leg room and thus ensures a comfortable seating experience. Its soft form lends fluidity to the design and makes a unique style statement.

Statement-making, luxury furniture pieces like the dining tables can serve up oodles of style and spark many conversations. Go ahead and pick one that can become the life of your social gatherings.

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