A cheat code to selecting the perfect sofa

A sofa usually occupies the foreground of a living room and makes a strong statement about the space and the user’s style. Since sofas are one of the most expensive pieces of furniture, it is absolutely necessary to ensure that the piece you pick is the best fit for the space. Here are a few things you should keep in mind before you buy your next sofa.

1. Get the size right
It is essential to get the size right when picking any piece of furniture, specifically sofas. The size of the sofa can be governed by the usual number of occupants, the size of the room and whether the door/fenestration size is large enough for the sofa size. For instance, a family of 3 may get a smaller sofa and a family of 5 may explore L-shaped sofas for better comfort and utility. How a sofa fits into a living room and how much visual space it occupies also governs its size.


2. Find the right materials
Sofas are constructed in a varied range of materials, details and fabrics. It is essential to make your selection keeping in mind financial feasibility, comfort as well as the design language of the living room. In terms of styles available, there is an unending range of sofas up for grabs,  making the style selection that much more pertinent.


3. Understand the context
It is essential to analyse the room the sofa would go in, the colour scheme and the overall design before one picks the right sofa for their homes. Some points to think about would be ​​the design of the arm style, the cushion, the shape of the backrest, and the base.


4. Decide the orientation
Understanding the orientation of the sofa within the room helps you make the right choice in terms of the shapes, form, scale and style of the sofa. For instance, a sofa placed across a TV along a wall will have a different shape and form compared to a sofa placed in the centre of a room.

5. Pick the right upholstery
There is an array of upholstery swatches available in solid colours, textured options as well as prints. It is integral to analyse the design language of the room before you make your pick. The upholstery is a dominant factor in the visual language of the sofa and can be a make or break in the design scheme of a space.

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I6. It should be easy to be a couch potato
No matter how good a sofa looks, and how well it fits into a room, it is most essential for the couch to be cosy and comfortable for it to be functional. 

A sofa can be a great addition to amplify the style and appeal of your home. So next time you’re looking to upgrade your home, don’t forget to check our quick tips

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