5 reasons why you should invest in quality furniture

“Try not to be guided by fashions or fads; think about it as a future heirloom. How will the next generation feel about it? Will it look good in a future home?”

-Le Gaillard

Furniture pieces are often seen from a merely functional point of view; however, that is a narrowed and ignorant perspective. In reality, these pieces are long term investments that are a testament to your lifestyle, will eventually hold sentimental value and can be passed through generations.

While you want the pieces to be trending, you also want them durable. Homeowners, who are connoisseurs of art and collect furniture pieces, invest in classics that will be relevant even 50 years later and more. From old vintage pieces to the Chandigarh chair, the common denominator amongst them, despite having different styles, concepts and materials, is their evergreen value due to their craftsmanship, innovation and high quality, compounding in its value over time.  For this particular reason, here is why the quality of your masterpieces is a non-negotiable aspect.

Better Value

When the furniture piece is well made, not only will its value grow in terms of sentimental and financial value, it will be sturdy and result in lesser wear and tear which eventually minimises maintenance costs and other expenses. In addition, the robust piece will subsequently have a longer shelf life, thereby reducing the cost of replacing it with a newer piece.

Comfort comes with Quality

A piece of well-designed furniture is designed with the right balance of aesthetics and comfort, compromising on neither. Hence, the quality piece is designed ergonomically to ensure comfort with an upholstery that does not need to be periodically replaced. All of which might not be availed in the case of furniture where you compromise on its quality.

Improves your posture and overall wellness

When the pieces are designed keeping in mind the correct proportions of the human body, the furniture promotes wellness by correcting the user’s posture that affects the spine in the long run; the height of the footrest, the cushioning of the couch, the angle of the bed back, to name a few.

Well aged and Durable Souvenirs

Good quality furniture pieces are made from materials that compliment each other and enhance together with time. Additionally, these days, homeowners are young families with both partners working, which leaves them little time to engage in full-blown maintenance of furniture pieces. In them, the wood is well cured, the fabrics used are durable, resist fading and tear.

Boost in confidence

Furniture pieces make for a large part of a space, and quality is a permanent part of your pieces. The texture, the feel, the look and the aesthetics are evident for all to witness at all times and the tears are difficult to hide. By investing in durable and robust pieces that certify quality, you’d be confident to have people over and flaunt your beloved collection.

The next time you think of buying furniture and have two options- one that is compromised quality but cheaper and the other, a little expensive but comes with guaranteed quality; know that you will end up spending about the same amount either way. The wiser thing to do would be to opt for the piece that you are sure you’d pass on to your children; they’ll thank you later!

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