June 2023

Monsoon Tips on keeping your Furniture Fresh as New

The monsoons offer respite from the sweltering heat, but the dampness due to heavy rains and humidity brings issues to the homeowner. This seasonal problem can be solved with a few handy tips so that you can enjoy the weather while ensuring your bespoke design pieces are well-maintained and last longer.

Monsoon Tips

Furniture Care using Moisture Absorbing Techniques

More oversized furniture and furnishings tend to absorb much moisture, resulting in mould and mildew on surfaces. Use gel packets within wardrobes, cabinets and consoles. Dehumidifiers and waterproofing walls can aid in the longevity of your unique pieces.

Sprucing up Interiors through Monsoon-Appropriate Furniture Placement

It’s an excellent practice to rethink the placement of your furniture during the monsoons by strategically placing them away from windows and doors. It’s best to place furniture away from walls or outside on the balcony.

Treat Furniture according to its Materiality

Furniture pieces react differently to the onset of monsoons depending on the nature of the material used in its construction, and the solutions will need to be catered accordingly. Wood expands, which means renovations and polishing should be avoided. Metal can rust, so don’t use a damp cloth on these surfaces.

Outdoor Furniture tips to keep in mind

When picking up outdoor chairs, tables, or couches, make sure they are made from teak wood, all-weather resin or a resin and teak combination. For metal, a transparent metal varnish can go a long way to preserve the newness of the piece. The simple gesture of using adequate cover for your furniture can also be an easy solution.

Most of the tips around extending the life of your favorite pieces can be solved through simple and accessible solutions. Combine that with an intentional approach to the way you choose a piece of furniture, and you can focus on enjoying the monsoons in all its glory.

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