4 Myths About Using Metal Finishes In Furniture Busted

Interior design myths can range from rules around what you can do with furniture to what kind of materials you should use. While some design norms can enhance your interiors’ aesthetics, many are outdated–or wrong. In particular, people shy away from using metal finishes on their furniture. Here are some metal myths dispelled:

1. Wood & metal don’t work

In contemporary furniture, contrast is everything. Wood is warm and inviting and almost nostalgic. Juxtaposing this warmth are metals – which are also some form of natural material. However, they undergo a hard and heavy industrial process to produce fine finishes. It’s all about mixing the right kind of metal and wood.

For instance, chrome or polished steel won’t work well for darker woods as the base colour is dark or black. On the other hand, something like brushed steel, brass or even nickel catches light from many angles due to the imperfections in the surface and accentuates the contrast.

2. Metal finishes are not refined

Metal finishes provide the perfect sleek, modern look to furniture pieces. Combining ultra-refined metal surfaces with a bit of shine and materials such as wood, natural stone, etc., in glossy stains and lacquers adds visual interest along with a refined touch. Amalgamating stone and metal results in chic designer pieces such as end tables, coffee tables, and dining tables with marble tops and metal legs.

3. Metal is difficult to maintain

Metal finishes are generally heat-resistant and a breeze to clean after a dinner party. Hence they are low-maintenance and do not require any special maintenance apart from general periodic cleaning. In fact, all you need is a damp cloth or duster to retain its shining glory. Avoid abrasive materials sponges as these will scratch the coating. Distressed material finishes, in particular, are more resistant to nicks and scratches andthus last longer.

4. Metal is expensive

Metal furniture is usually less expensive than wood while offering the benefits of incredible durability. When used in accents, metal finishes and surfaces can bring in oodles of glamour without being extravagant. A touch of metal with gilding, panels or even battens elevates the design and brings in a dash of sophistication.

Whether your style is traditional, contemporary, farmhouse or eclectic —you cannot go wrong with bringing in metals.

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