Furniture as a personal style statement

Like our clothes, our furniture reflects a lot about our personality and who we are. Our personalities unconsciously shape our life and indirectly dictate everything – be it the pattern we choose, the colour we prefer, or even a texture that we feel is just right. Similarly, our interiors and design aesthetics resonate with our personality and manifest the style statement we make. Read on to know more about what your furniture choices say about your personality:

1. Timeless luxurious

Is your discerning personality drawn to luxurious interiors & classy decor pieces? Then you may like traditional furniture, including tables with metallic accents, high-back armchairs in lustrous fabrics, a leather chesterfield sofa or even marble tabletops. These go-to furniture choices reflect that you prefer perfection and meticulous finishes in your interiors. You opt for unique pieces that celebrate elegance and have a rare quality about them prefer quality over quantity. Furniture that epitomises luxury, like our Forrado Bed and multi-layered pieces with hints of maximalism, would summarise the design aesthetic for your palette.

2. Relaxed & comfortable

If you prefer a pared-back design scheme that is comfortable and non-fussy yet elegant, laid—back luxury country-style furniture defines your decor style best. You prefer furniture that is curvilinear with soft silhouettes and a relaxed vibe. Instead of gleaming metallic accents, you prefer touches of weathered patina. This comprises bean bags, cushy sofas and lounge chairs such as our Arcus sofa or Mollis Chaise. Your natural affinity is towards clean-lined furniture arrangements that transform your home into a sanctuary of fun and relaxation while exuding understated luxuriousness.

3. Characterful & dramatic

Are you always looking for the finer nuances in furniture, and discerning beauty lies in the details? Do you like to make informed decisions weighing the pros and cons? Your furniture style is transitional and permeates originality, cleverness and individuality. Transitional furniture design amalgamates traditional and contemporary elements and is defined by characterful, meaningful decor. Statement pieces that are the focal point of any space, including retro or art deco furniture, are what will work best for you. Size also matters for you; thus, larger items in your home, such as sofas, dining tables and chairs, should exude opulence and finesse. Well-engineered furniture pieces with fine finishes, like our Fenestra Sideboard, catch your eye.

Choose your furniture style to punctuate your interiors with panache and resonate with an aesthetic that reflects your personality!

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