Choosing the right minimalist furniture for millennials

Our home is a reflection of our personality. Although the charm of the luxurious, ornamental and maximalist is still prevalent among many, in today’s fast-paced world, minimalism is not just an aesthetic but a lifestyle adopted by millennials across the globe.

‘Less is More’

This famous oxymoron by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe pioneered an art movement that pinnacled in conjunction with the Industrial Revolution and technological advancements and is pertinent even today. The timelessness of minimalism comes from its monochromatic tones, streamlined designs, natural fabrics, etc that make a bold statement while focusing on practicality and function.

Filo Bed

After the pandemic, the focus shifted to personalised interiors. Walking away from a generational practice of hoarding and unnecessary clutter, millennials are looking for unobtrusive design solutions. Instead, they find comfort in impactful furniture that can reflect their minimalistic lifestyle.

But how do you select the perfect minimalist furniture for your home? Here are a few things you should look at before buying:


A minimalistic aesthetic is an extension of contemporary style, stripped down to the bare essentials. Look for sleek, modern, elegant furniture with clean lines and angular edges. Flat surfaces with hidden storage and space-saving designs will give you clean, open spaces characteristic of minimalism.


Colour tones

Neutral earthy tones represent minimalism. Usually, monochromes, such as white, complemented by greys, beige, and pastels, dominate this colour palette. However, creating a focal point using a pop of colour, such as our elegant Nodo coffee table, can add oomph to your minimalistic interiors.

Nodo Coffee Table


Look for natural, soft fabrics like khadi combined with steel/ metal, glass, ceramics, wood, etc. Avoid grains or patterns. Materials used by us for designer products are a great example of minimalism. Take the example of the Cleave Tread 300 Side Table, which is a testament to the beauty of raw natural materials in a minimalist aesthetic.


Compact urban homes call for furniture devoid of unnecessary design elements without compromising the structural integrity or function. As a millennial, you should look for multifunctional, portable and flexible furniture to achieve the perfect minimalistic look for your home.

For example, our Modulo ottoman can be used as a footrest, temporary seating, side table or even stool according to your needs.

Sustainability & longevity

Minimalism is about more than just being functional. It also focuses on reducing carbon footprint and opting for furniture that minimises environmental damage. Focus on quality. A strong and durable piece of furniture that can last for years is more advantageous than disposing of and re-buying every few years.

Pline Sofa

Millennials are conscious and intentional shoppers, and minimalist aesthetics suit their preference list to the T. Keeping the above factors in mind can help them choose functional and visually appealing furniture to transform a house into a home.

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