July 2023

Six best console additions to make your entryway an inviting and grandeur space

The entryway is the first impression of your home that guests encounter. It sets the tone for the entire interior and reflects your style. You can elevate this often-neglected area into a warm, stylish, and welcoming space by incorporating console tables and other decorative elements. Console tables serve as functional and aesthetic pieces, offering a practical solution for storage and display while adding a touch of elegance to your entryway.


The Cleave Oval Console is refined and elegant, combining sharp and curved lines that work as a statement piece that defines the tone for the rest of your home decor.

Cleave Oval Console


The Eben Console allows for a very visceral texture to the overall curation of your entrance. This multi-functional piece can create a more harmonious environment of multiple design elements for residents and visitors.

Eben Console.jpg


With the Giro Console, materials and textures combine with rounded forms and sleek lines, creating a versatile design language for a space, be it a home or a workplace. The monolithic piece gives a sense of boldness and sophistication through simplicity of form.


If the aim is an unconventional personality and a unique and individualistic personality, the Marmo Console can seamlessly add to your home decor aspirations.


The subtlety with a mix of minimalism defines the Taago Console. There is a play with texture on the surfaces of elegant forms that exemplifies material innovation and makes this choice an accurate representation of Wriver as the design connoisseur.

Taago Console 01


For more of an adventurous expression that also functions as a statement piece, the Spira Console effortlessly combines form and aesthetics while being elevated with certain design elements like colour. The Spira Console can efficiently work with a design vocabulary that prioritises minimalism with a touch of grandeur.

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