3 Steps To Setting Up A Bedroom That’s Sophisticated & Functional

The bedroom is your personal oasis where one can relax, unwind and get the much-needed sleep that empowers us for the next day. However, if you want your bedroom to exude the feel of sophistication, both visually and spatially, here are creative ways to make the room look super stylish and functional.

Indulge in a decadent bed

The first step to setting up a luxurious master bedroom begins with a statement-making bed. Opt for a design that is enhanced with fine craftsmanship and refined details. The bed should portray simplicity and elegance through clean lines and restrained geometry. In particular, the headboard can be the focal point of the bed’s design. The headboard can become an integral part of your bedroom decor without occupying too much precious space. Complete the experience with a complementing mattress that can be a combination of latex, memory or polyurethane foam and coils or springs for anthropometric comfort.


Add selective statement-making furniture pieces

Opulence is not always about cluttering a space with too much. Especially the bedroom should have selective functional pieces that elevate the decor while imbuing a sense of positivity and panache. You can add a bed bench, desk, or chair if space permits. Bedside tables are always recommended as they offer storage and can be used to keep the table lamp, reading matter, cell phone, eyeglasses, tissues, etc. When selecting a bedside table, consider the surface area and internal storage. Opt for tables with detailed finishes in metal or wood, adding another layer of luxury to the space.

Opt for stylish lighting

Lighting can transform your bedroom into a glamorous haven. Opt for an eye-catching chandelier above the bed or conglomerate statement-making pendant lights. You can also create layers of lighting by using several smaller lamps, sconces, etc., around the room. Layered lighting is luxurious and romantic and draws the eye around the room, exaggerating the sense of space. Table lamps double as pieces of artwork and contribute to the overall decor. A timeless yet classic piece to layer your bedside table with flamboyance.

Some other tips that can include are:

  • Opt for rich, luxurious furnishing that complements the design scheme
  • Cushions, rugs and throws bring in small doses of opulence into the decor
  • Artwork and mirrors interspersed through adds sophistication
  • Don’t forget a voguish armoireor cupboard for storage

Go ahead and design your bedroom for leisure, romance and luxe living.

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