Even Bedside Table

The Even & Odd Bedside Tables present a captivating play on symmetry and asymmetry. As the names imply, the Odd variant introduces an intriguing offset in its two drawers. Both tables feature a stylish fluting pattern that elegantly runs along the periphery. However, the Even table takes a creative twist by rotating the fluting pattern, injecting an additional layer of visual interest into the design. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the fluting serves a functional purpose, cleverly concealing the drawers for a harmonious appearance. This thoughtful combination of symmetry, asymmetry, and innovative design details makes the Even & Odd series a standout choice for those seeking a harmonious blend of style and functionality in bedside tables.

Available Size (in mm)

500 Dia x 500 H


Top - In stone/ lacquer/ leather
Drawers - In wood/ lacquer
Drawer Internals - In veneer/ lacquer (matching the drawer front)
Handle and Skirting - In metal

Designed By

Studio Sumeet Nagi



  • Brass Antique Dark
  • Black Nickel Matt
  • WR 009005 Matt


  • Fumed Oak Matt
  • Black Stained Ash Matt


  • Grigio Opera (Honed)
  • White Carrara (Honed)
  • Black Marquina (Honed)

Lacquer (Matt/GLoss)

  • WR 009005 Gloss/Matt
  • WR 006009 Gloss/Matt
  • WN 00371 Gloss/Matt
  • WR 003007 Gloss/Matt
  • WR 007039 Gloss/Matt
  • WR 007024 Gloss/Matt
  • WR 009010 Gloss/Matt
  • WNC 00146 Gloss/Matt
  • WR 007006 Gloss/Matt
  • WN 00106 Gloss/Matt
  • WN 00458 Gloss/Matt
  • WR 005011 Gloss/Matt
  • WR 007010 Gloss/Matt


    Leather options available on request