Polo Coffee Table

The Polo Coffee Table redefines contemporary elegance with its seamless fusion of stone and metal elements. The table boasts a durable stone top supported by sleek metal legs, creating a visually appealing contrast of textures. The connectors, featuring different types, add a touch of intricate detailing to the overall design. Notably, the legs exhibit a scooped-out shape, ingeniously crafted to securely slot in the tabletop, ensuring both stability and a refined aesthetic. The Polo Coffee Table stands out not only for its craftsmanship but also for its versatility, as the top is offered in a variety of shapes, allowing for personalized customization to suit diverse preferences.

Available Size (in mm)

1000 Dia x 350 H (Circle)
1200 Dia x 350 H (Circle)
1000 L x 1000 D x 350 H (Square & Square Rounded)
1200 L x 1200 D x 350 H (Square & Square Rounded)
1400 L x 700 D x 350 H (Rectangle)


Top - In Stone
Legs - In metal

Designed By

Studio Sumeet Nagi



  • WR PC Anodic Bronze Matt
  • WR PC Grey 25 Matt
  • WR PC Grey 29 Matt
  • WR PC Maroon Matt
  • WR PC 9005 Matt
  • Black Nickel Antique
  • Brass Antique Light
  • Brass Antique Dark


  • Amazon White (Honed)
  • Steel Grey (Honed)
  • Silver Strica (Polished)
  • Tengel Brown (Honed)
  • Grey Basaltino (Honed)
  • Jirwal (Honed)
  • Buff Sandstone (Honed)
  • Sera Grey (Honed)
  • Tau Brown (Honed)
  • Tengel Grey (Honed)
  • Ash White (Honed)
  • P White (Honed)