Marco Coffee Table

The Marco series of tables redefine modern elegance with their distinctive design elements. The tables feature a unique combination of metal connectors and stone legs, creating a captivating visual dynamic. The stone legs appear to gracefully wrap around two metal rods, establishing a seamless connection between materials. The thoughtfully crafted curves of the table’s top resonate harmoniously with the four legs, each strategically placed at an angle on the corners. This design choice not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also ensures stability and balance. The marriage of metal and stone in the Marco Coffee Table and Marco Dining Table is a testament to the fusion of contemporary aesthetics and structural ingenuity, making these tables a sophisticated and eye-catching addition to any living or dining space.

Available Size (in mm)

1000 L X 1000 D X 350 H
1200 L X 1200 D X 350 H
1400 L X 700 D X 350 H


Top - In stone
Base - In stone
Connector - In metal

Designed By

Studio Sumeet Nagi



  • WR PC Anodic Bronze Matt
  • WR PC Grey 25 Matt
  • WR PC Grey 29 Matt
  • WR PC Maroon Matt
  • WR PC 9005 Matt
  • Black Nickel Antique
  • Brass Antique Light
  • Brass Antique Dark


  • Amazon White (Honed)
  • Steel Grey (Honed)
  • Silver Strica (Polished)
  • Tengel Brown (Honed)
  • Grey Basaltino (Honed)
  • Jirwal (Honed)
  • Buff Sandstone (Honed)
  • Sera Grey (Honed)
  • Tau Brown (Honed)
  • Tengel Grey (Honed)
  • Ash White (Honed)
  • P White (Honed)