Plat Magazine Stand

The Plat Magazine Stand is a lightweight stand for your books made of 3 simple metal sheets. The geometric design is elevated with sleek intersections and eco leather cladded pipes to aid picking it up. The mindful design allows for books to be kept at a 90 degree angle, making it easy to see the spine of the book. This angular magazine stand helps complement an edgy and geometric decor style.

Available Size (in mm)

370 L x 450 D x 300 H


Structure - In sheet metal
Handle - Pipe cladded in eco leather with metal highlights on ends

Designed By

Wriver Design Studio



  • Brass Antique Light
  • Brass Antique Dark
  • Brass Antique Wrinkled
  • Copper Antique Light
  • Copper Antique Wrinkled
  • Black Nickel Antique
  • Black Nickel Antique Wrinkled


    Eco Leather options available on request