Lien Partition Screen

The Lien Partition Screen is a rotatable room divider that is made of multiple interlinked lacquered wooden frame pieces stacked on a singular pipe, with panels that display our varied metal finishes. The visual pattern formed using these varied finishes can enhance a living or dining space while also serving the purpose of visually dividing areas, balancing it out through the careful application of negative space in the design. This edgy screen helps command a room representing a balance of craftsmanship and modernity.

Available Size (in mm)

1830 L x 30 D x 2000 H


Structure - In lacquer
Panels - In sheet metal

The screens are available in specific combinations of materials.

Designed By

Wriver Design Studio



  • Brass Antique Wrinkled
  • Copper Antique Wrinkled
  • Black Nickel Antique Wrinkled

Lacquer (Matt/GLoss)

  • WI 00174 Matt
  • WN 001263 Matt
  • WR 003005 Matt
  • WR 007034 Matt
  • WR 008003 Matt
  • WN 00106 Matt
  • WN 00458 Matt
  • WR 006009 Matt
  • WR 007006 Matt
  • WR 006013 Matt
  • WN 00541 Matt
  • WR 009010 Matt
  • WR 009005 Matt
  • WR 007039 Matt
  • WR 005011 Matt