Sculpt Lounge Chair

The Sculpt series embarks on an enchanting journey, drawing inspiration from the mesmerising contours of nature, where wind-sculpted shapes harmonise with sleek, mechanic slices, seamlessly melding into exquisite furniture pieces that blur the boundaries between functional art and furniture. Crafted from a fusion of metals and a variety of sumptuous upholstery options, each design within the series captivates with its sculpting silhouette, elevating any space with its undeniable aesthetic allure.

Available Size (in mm)

925 W x 790 D x 775 H


Base- In metal
Chair & Backsides- In metal
Seat & Backrest- Upholstered
Floor To Seat Height - 425 mm

Designed By




  • Brass Antique Wrinkled
  • Brass Antique Light
  • Brass Antique Dark
  • Brass Erratic
  • Brass Brushed
  • Brass Stagnant
  • Black Nickel Antique
  • Black Nickel Matt
  • Black Nickel Antique Wrinkled
  • Copper Antique Light
  • Copper Antique Dark
  • Copper Antique Wrinkled
  • Copper Erratic
  • Copper Stagnant
  • Steel Dusky
  • Steel Erratic


    Fabric options available on request