Duality Dining Table

Captivated by the essence of nature, the Duality Dining Table emerges as an abstract fusion of earthly elements, seamlessly blending two distinct materials into a harmonious whole. Its sleek metal and stone surface, upheld by legs crafted from stone and metal, exudes an aura of refined opulence and understated elegance.

Available Size (in mm)

3000 W x 1200 D x 750 H


Top - In stone and metal
Legs - In stone and metal

Designed By




  • Brass Stagnant (Top Only)
  • Brass Antique Light (Legs only)
  • Brass Antique Dark (Legs only)
  • Brass Antique Wrinkled (Legs only)


  • Beige Travertine (Honed)
  • White Carrara (Honed)
  • White Carrara (Polished)
  • Black Marquina (Polished)
  • Morroco Black (Polished)
  • Amazza (Polished)
  • Zura Travertine (Honed)
  • Ebony Travertine (Honed)
  • Grigio Opera (Honed)
  • Infinity (Polished)
  • Black Onyx (Polished)
  • Emerald Green (Honed)
  • Red Lavante (Polished)
  • Grigio Opera (Polished)
  • Temptation Blue (Polished)