Incurvate Magazine Stand

Incurvate is an innovative form-driven attempt to create a design for the magazine stand that is not only utilitarian but also adds an element of fun to the room. From a two-dimensional surface, cut and folded into a desired three-dimensional form, this distinctly different product is a result of high-end engineering and detail-oriented design. The structure in sheet metal cladded with eco leather, along with an eco leather flap and base shelf allows for 3 levels to keep books or newspapers. The design gives a warm and soothing feel, making it suitable for every environment.

Available Size (in mm)

410 L x 395 D X 585 H


Structure - Cladded in eco leather
Skirting - In metal
Handle - Cladded in eco leather with metal highlights on ends
Flap - In eco leather
Base Shelf - Cladded in eco leather

Designed By

Wriver Design Studio



  • Brass Antique Light
  • Brass Antique Dark
  • Black Nickel Antique
  • Copper Antique Light


    Eco Leather options available on request