Cortar Shelving Unit

The foundation of this shelving unit lies in the inherent irregularities of the blocks in the cork. Rather than conforming to traditional straight lines, it embraces the asymmetry with the unique characteristics of each block. This departure from the ordinary results in a visually dynamic and engaging shelving concept. Through meticulous craftsmanship, our artisans have employed cutting-edge techniques to transform raw cork blocks into whimsical, distorted shapes. The cutting, bending, and twisting processes are orchestrated with precision, turning each piece into a work of art.

Available Size (in mm)

2400 L x 430 D x 2245 H


Shelves - In special finish - Cork
Vertical Members - In a combination of cork, sheet metal and wood/ veneer
Skirting - In metal

Designed By

Wriver Design Studio



  • Brass Antique Wrinkled
  • Black Nickel Antique Wrinkled


  • Black Stained Ash Matt
  • Light Breeze Stained Ash Matt
  • Smoked Eucalyptus Matt

Special Finish

  • Cork Natural Matt
  • Cork Light Matt
  • Cork Dark Matt