Molle Coffee Table

Introducing our Molle Coffee Table, a fusion of natural elegance and modern design that elevates your outdoor living spaces. This unique piece is crafted with a harmonious blend of wooden and stone planks, creating a visually stunning tabletop that seamlessly marries rustic charm with contemporary flair.
The tabletop features a captivating design element—a series of see-through grooves strategically placed in the middle. These cleverly incorporated openings not only add a touch of sophistication but also provide an airy quality to the table, allowing light to filter through and creating a sense of openness. This thoughtful design choice lends a refreshing and light-hearted ambiance to your outdoor setting.

Available Size (in mm)

1200 L x 900 D x 300 H
1200 L x 1200 D x 300 H
1800 L x 900 D x 300 H


Structure - In metal
Table Top - In stone and wooden slat
Legs - In tubular metal

(All the materials are specifically for outdoor applications)

Designed By

Wriver Design Studio



  • WR PC 6013 Matt
  • WR PC 7013 Matt
  • WR PC 7034 Matt
  • WR PC 8016 Matt
  • WR PC 7022 Matt
  • WR PC 7043 Matt
  • Brass Antique Light
  • Brass Antique Dark
  • Black Nickel Antique


  • Brown Stained Iroko Matt


  • Amazon White (Polished)
  • Amazon White (Honed)
  • Amazon White (Leather)
  • Moon White (Polished)
  • Moon White (Honed)
  • Moon White (Leather)
  • Cotton White (Polished)
  • Cotton White (Honed)
  • Cotton White (Leather)
  • Silver Strica (Polished)
  • Silver Strica (Honed)
  • Silver Strica (Leather)
  • Tengel Brown (Polished)
  • Tengel Brown (Honed)
  • Tengel Brown (Leather)